What We Raise and When It Will Be Ripe

This chart is a guide to the vegetables, flowers and herbs we raise and when we expect them to be ready in a normal season. Predictions are always imprecise, particularly those dependent on the weather**. And this is Wisconsin, where "normal" seasons occur so infrequently that we often don't even recognize them until they are over. These predictions were last updated April 21, 2017 for the 2017 season. They may change as the season progresses. For current information on what is available any given day check Today at The Tree Farm.

Vegetable Start End Remarks
Amaranth mid Aug Frost Amaranth greens. Also called thotakura.
early July early Nov Sometimes available as part of our salad greens planting.
early May mid June May be ready in April this year. We sell asparagus by appointment only. Call 608 798 2286.
, green and yellow early July Frost Several plantings during the growing season. Check the "Today" page for availability.
Beet greens early July late July  
Beets mid July early Nov  
late July Frost Plus many other types of sweet peppers. Best selection mid August to frost.
Bittermelons early Aug Frost Also called bitter gourd.
Broccoli early Aug early Nov Broccoli supply can fluctuate rapidly. Please check the "Today" page for availability.
Brussels sprouts late Sep early Nov  
Cabbage early Aug early Nov Green, red, savoy.
Cabbage for sauerkraut early Sep early Nov Please check the "Today" page for price, size and availability.
Carrots mid July early Nov  
Cauliflower mid Sept early Nov Check the "Today" page for availability.
Celeriac mid Sep early Nov Also known as Celery root.
Chinese cabbage mid Sep early Nov Also known as Napa.
Chinese greens mid Sep early Nov Ching chiang tsai, bok choi
Collards early Aug early Nov Best picking in October.
Corn, sweet mid Aug early Oct  
Cucumbers late July early Sep Beit alpha and asian salad cucumbers, pickling cucumbers.
early Aug Frost Also known as pale green snake gourd or bottle gourd.
Dai-kon mid Sep early Nov Large sweet Japanese radishes.
Eggplant late July Frost Best in late August and September.
mid June mid Oct Click here for a list of Flowers raised at The Tree Farm.
Ghat late Sep early Nov Red Korean mustard greens.
Gongura late Aug Frost Supply fluctuates during the season. Please check the "Today" page for availability
Gourds, ornamental October Many shapes and sizes
Gourd, wax early Aug Frost Immature wintermelon.
Herbs early May early Nov View complete herb list
Honey All Season Local, natural, most hives located on The Tree Farm.
late July Frost Best selection mid August to frost.
Kale early July early Nov Kale is sweetest in cool fall weather.
Kohlrabi mid July early Nov  
Leeks mid Aug early Nov  
Lemon Grass late July Frost Good for tea
early July early Nov See "salad greens".
Mu mid Sep early Nov Large sweet Korean radishes.
Mustard greens mid Sep early Nov USA and Korean varieties. Best in October.
Okra mid July Frost Supplies and quality vary during the season. Please check the "Today" page for availability
Onions, dry (bulb) mid Aug early Oct Red onions and yellow onions. Store well.
Onions, green mid July early Nov  
Parsnips October Also available by appointment during April.
Peas early July mid July  
Peapods early July mid July  
Peas, snap early July late July See Snap peas.
late July Frost Over 20 kinds. Please see the hot peppers page for our selection. Best selection mid August to frost.
late July Frost Bell peppers, European types, snack peppers. Best selection mid August to frost.
Popcorn October Yellow, red and blue varieties
for storage mid Aug early Nov Red, white, yukon gold, fingerling. yellow Finn
, new early July mid Aug  
mid Aug early Nov Green pumpkins in August; orange pumpkins best in October.
Radishes mid Sep early Nov Large sweet Asian radishes. Japanese (Dai-kon) and Korean varieties (Mu).
early May mid June May be ready in April this year. We sell rhubarb by appointment. Call 608 798 2286.
early July 20-Oct  
early Sept Frost Includes Striped Indian Snake Gourd and Pale Green Snake Gourd which is also known as Cucuzzi, Bottle Gourd or Snake Squash.
early July late July  
Spinach early Sept early Nov Spinach may also be available by appointment in late April and early May.
early July early Sep Zucchini, Crookneck, Yellow Squash, and Mediterranean zucchini or Gray Squash.
Squash, winter late Sep early Nov Acorn, buttercup, butternut, kabocha, delicata, spaghetti, sweet dumplings, candy roaster
late July Frost Bell peppers, European types, snack peppers.Best selection mid August to frost.
early July early Nov Small leaves for salad greens in July, large leaves later
Tomatillos early Aug Frost  
mid July Frost Red, yellow, paste (Roma), pink, beefsteak, cherry, grape plum types. Best supply and price for canning quantities in September.
Turnips and turnip greens October Best after the weather turns cool.
Wax gourd early Aug Frost See Gourd, wax.
Wintermelon late Sep Frost  
early July early Sep See summer squash

Herbs Start End Remarks
Basil, Purple early July Frost  
Basil, Sweet early July Frost  
Basil, Thai early July Frost  
Cilantro early July early Nov  
Dill, Headed late July Frost Flowers and/or seeds.
Dill Weed early July Frost  
Lovage early May early Nov  
Mint early May early Nov Spearmint and Chocolate Mint
Oregano early May Frost  
Parsley early Aug early Nov Curly and flat-leaf types.

Flowers Start End Remarks
Ageratum early July Frost  
Ammi mid summer late summer False Queen Anne's lace in shades of purple, pink and white
Baby's Breath early July mid July See gypsophilia.
Butterfly bush early July Frost  
Celosia early July Frost  
Cone flowers early July early Aug  
Cosmos early July Frost  
Cupid's Darts early July Frost Pretty as fresh or dried flowers.
mid June Frost Rudbeckia
Daisies, Shasta late June late July  
Delphinium mid May Frost  
Flamingo Feathers early July Frost These are a variety of Celosia with feathery pink flowers.
German Statice early July early Aug Great as dried flowers.
Gladioli mid July Frost  
Gomphrena mid July Frost  
Gypsophilia early Jul mid July Baby's breath. Excellent for dried flowers.
Helichrysum early Aug Frost Also known as straw flowers. Make great dried flowers.
Lavender early July Frost  
Liatris late summer  
Penstemon summer Seed pods make attractive fillers
early July Frost  
mid June Frost  
mid July mid Oct  
mid July Frost Excellent dried flowers.
Statice, German early July early Aug Good as dried flowers.
early Aug mid Sept  
Yarrow early July Frost  
mid July Frost  

*Frost. Items marked as frost sensitive will be destroyed by a killing frost. Many of the vegetables we raise are frost-sensitive. Because of our hilltop location, the first fall frost at The Tree Farm is often later than the first frost elsewhere in this area. In over forty years at our present location, we have had frost as early as September 20th, and as late as early November. On average, the first frost comes about the end of the first week in October. Check Today at The Tree Farm for up to date information on what is available at The Tree Farm.

**Weather. We don't control the weather. Plant growth and plant health -- and hence vegetable ripening and quality -- depend on the weather. If it is hot, some vegetables ripen faster than expected. If it is cool, some vegetables ripen more slowly than expected. Excessive heat and cold can affect quality. Unusually wet weather almost always diminishes vegetable quality. Because we don't control the weather, predictions made before the season begins can be rather poor. Please check Today at The Tree Farm for up to date information on what is available at The Tree Farm.

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Updated May 12 2017

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